Fani Martín Retouch

Profesional digital retouching

When a ROUGH DIAMOND is received, its brightness must be highlighted and carved with great precision. The first step is to study it and divide the stone according to its crystalline structure. Polishing a diamond is a job that requires a lot of PRECISION AND DEDICATION. In the end we get a precious stone that captures the attention.

  • Retoque Digital en Cádiz Fani Martín Belleza

    Beauty: Professional Digital Retouching Services

    Get more radiant and polished results in your images. This style of photography is very delicate. We must always keep the NATURAL FEELING OF THE IMAGE. The makeup should dazzle. The skin is alive and you have to show that LIFE in each photograph.
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  • Retoque Digital en Cádiz Fani Martín Editorial

    Editorial: Digital Postproduction Services

    We add a different touch to your images. Between the pages of a magazine, your picture has to make the difference and be that explosion of EMOTIONS that your audience is looking for. Colors, lights, contrasts… are the stars. A good play requires the best actors.
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  • Hairdressing: Postproduction Services

    Gain depth in your work.
    With the digital edition of Hairdressing, the volumes come to life. The creativity of the photographer is HEIGHTENED. The result? Stunning and PERFECT hairstyles.
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  • Retoque Digital en Cádiz Fani Martín Catálogo

    Catalog: Digital Postproduction Services

    In a catalog, the small details make the difference.
    BALANCE, harmony, order. The products have to stand out to sell. With our digital retouching service for catalogs, you will get that PLUS you are looking for in your work.
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Fani Martín Retouch


Here you will find a bit of me and a huge piece of the team. Throughout these years we have had the great luck of working with the best professionals.

Fani Martín Retouch

“Retouching is like polishing a rough diamond”

Postproduction is the final phase of the work of an entire team, that’s why it’s so important to put a lot of care on it. My goal? TO POLISH YOUR IDEA.
Are you a photographer, makeup artist, hairdresser …? GET THE MAXIMUM POTENTIAL FROM YOUR IMAGES. We will make the small details shine, the ones that make a photograph unique, more attractive, alive.
More about me

Your images stronger, more vivid and with better results.

What my clients say…

Anna Priadka
Make-Up Artist

Fani has been a wonderful member of my freelance team for two years now and will continue to be an asset in the future. Her response to deadlines is always met with the upmost positivity and she will go out of her way to deliver the highest quality work. The standard of retouching she provides is expensive, glossy and precise and she responds to correction and feedback with professionalism and patience every time. I don’t hesitate to recommend her to any of my clients or colleagues, they too are always impressed with the quality of her work and attitude. My number one retoucher, and a valued asset to my brand.

Jorge Mierterán

Como fotógrafo y retocador trabajar con Fani es muy fácil, sólo tengo que editar una foto y pasarle lo que quiero, mientras yo me dedico a otras cosas ella hace exactamente lo que le he dado de referencia. Encontrar profesionales así es muy complicado. Recomiendo sus servicios a otros fotógrafos que necesiten liberar tiempo y a marcas de moda y belleza con producción de fotografía interna.

David Arnal

Ahora dispongo de más tiempo para poder seguir buscando principalmente proyectos nuevos y además puedo conseguir un aire diferente para mis fotografías.

Rubén Ibañez

Gracias a los servicios de Fani he podido cumplir con las exigencias de mis clientes en cuanto a calidad del trabajo y fechas de entrega. Al entregar un buen trabajo esto implica un cliente satisfecho, con la consiguiente fidelización de éste a mi empresa.

Simon Wisbey

Fani is my go to retoucher. Her skin work is amazing and I very rarely have to send amendments back to her. I would thoroughly recommend working with her.

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