Beauty Digital retouching Service for Social Media

Atrae la atención en las redes, gana tiempo para ti y calidad para tus fotografías.

With this beauty retouching service you will have a high-end edition that will maximize your image and at the same time respect its naturalness.

All this at a competent price to use on social media. I will work with a minimum of 3 photographs. You will receive them already edited and optimized to upload them immediately to social networks if you wish.

You only have to worry about how are you going to use those fantastic images.

Some images of my work as a retoucher:

What is the value of your time?

You spend hours and hours retouching your images after shootings. Your dream is dedicating your time to doing only what you do best; Take pictures!

That day is today.

With my editing service, in addition to saving time for yourself, you will have the peace of mind that your images are in the hands of a professional.

Who is Fani Martin?

I am a digital retoucher specialized in beauty photography and as such, I know the editing time and experience that a beauty image needs.

Besides, keeping Instagram or Facebook active also entails an extra expense of time and resources that we do not have.

Working with me, you will have more time for yourself. At the same time, you will be less worry since you will know that your images will always have a high-end edition.

How it works?

1- Contact me with one click and we will talk by email.

2- You will receive a budget according to your needs.

3- Once you pay 50% of the work in advance, I will start working on your photos.

4- You will have all your images as we have agreed, ready to upload to the networks.


TAX not incluided
  • Retouching for social media

  • €19,99

    PER IMAGE (24,18€ TAX incluided)
    • Photographs at 2500px the high edge in JPG
    • A 300 dpi version in AdobeRGB
    • Another version optimized for networks at 96dpi, in sRGB
Formas de pago

Conditions of service:

  • I work with minimum 3 images
  • 50% of the total work will be paid in advance
  • Does not include any type of photocomposition
  • Only the final images will be sent at 2500px long edge, 300 dpi and another at 72 dpi. JPG format
  • If you want to know more: Términos y condiciones

What do my clients say?

Alicia Dane

As a makeup artist, I am hyper-critical of my work when I get edits back from photoshoots. Especially beauty shots. While most photographers do a great job, I find they they lack the point of view of the makeup artist. What details I might have wanted addressed, had I been able to be a part of the editing process. With Fani, she was able to hit every detail to make my work look the best version of itself without changing the essence of it. I think up close photos are really important when marketing yourself as an artist. Since it shows everything. I want my clients to be able to look a beautiful image that shows my work without distracting qualities.

Lola Alexandra

Fani Martin is an extremely talented photography retoucher I used her for the first time on some beauty shots and I was very impressed. She pays attention to detail and really wants her customers to get the best out of her services. I loved the work she did on my photos and wouldn't use anyone else.

Darren Skene

Fani always provides a consistent and high end result which I can rely on.<br /> My clients are always blown away by high end finish and attention to detail.<br /> I couldn’t recommend more highly.


How do I send you the images?

You can send them through your favorite file sending platform. The best known are WeTransfer, Dropbox and Driver.

In which format do I send you the images?

The best thing would be in 8bits TIFF format already cut by you, setting the high border to 2500px. But if not, you can send them to me in RAW.

How long does the service usually take?

Delivery times depend on the demand at that time. We will leave everything closed by email, do not worry.

I need the highest quality images.

If you need your images in high quality, I recommend that you see my retouching service for campaigns.

How will I receive the images?

I will send you the images through a Dropbox link so that you can download them from anywhere, without having this program installed. They will be in JPG format at 2500px high border and 96dpi, in sRGB color profile. You will also have another version with the same size and format, but at 300 dpi and AdobeRGB color.

What happens if I have to cancel the service?

If you have not paid anything you can cancel whenever you want. If you have already paid 50% of the budget, it will not be returned since I will have already started working on your images. If you want to know more go to the link of  Términos y condiciones.

When do I enter the last payment?

When you receive the complete work, you have a period of 3 days to pay for the rest of the service.

If you have more questions, contact

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