Profesional Photo Retouch
Fani Martín

“Choose a job you enjoy and you will never have to work a single day of your life”

This Confucius’ quote sums up my life. After years of playing with different art fields(painting, photography …)in the end, I found in the PHOTO RETOUCHING, that subtle art that I enjoy, love, and that completes me as a PROFESSIONAL and as an artist.

I feel very lucky to lead such a professional and creative team and also to be part of my clients team. Participating in the CREATIVE PROCESS and being able to make a delicate job shine with my tools, makes me able to put my little grain of sand in your work.

Fani Martín Retouch

Digital Carving

When we receive a raw photograph, the first thing we do is define an action plan. The team prepares the image and defines the workflow that we will execute. As if it was a diamond, YOUR WORK HAS TO SHINE.

Photoshop retouching 0
Management and color correction 0
Prepress knowledge 0
Image Composition 0

You create the diamond, we polish it.

Sometimes you can't spend as much time as you would like to on POSTPRODUCTION. It is difficult to delegate the work to another professional, but it is also a necessary step in order to offer excellent results to your clients. TIME is more precious than gold. Use it for what you do best and let us make the most of your images.

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